Aviation Staff From India

Almost 5,500 airlines operating through more than 44,000 airports worldwide, carrying over 2.5 billion passengers and transporting over 50 million tons of freight annually (2010 figures) – that are some indicators of how massive the global aviation industry is.

With a projected growth of 10% or over in the aviation industry, and a global struggle already on for skilled manpower in every sector, there is universal conformance about how severe a shortage of aviation professionals can be expected. Or rather, the shortage has already started to become obvious, and the gap between aviation professionals’ demand and supply is bound to become only wider.

In fact, surveys and reports of the aviation sector are already doing rounds announcing the unavailability and desperation for manpower appropriately skilled for this industry. Several airlines globally have already started to publicize their shortage of manpower and hunt for aviation professionals, particularly due to the manifold increase projected in air traffic.

Indian Manpower Resources (IMR) having already been the pioneers in recruitments from India for every industry for over 20 years now, already had in-house expert analysts project this shortfall; hence, motivating us to create an exclusive sub-division to cater to manpower recruitments in the aviation industry.

Please read through the website to establish how well we’re prepared to help aviation authorities worldwide with our expertise in recruitments, especially for their sector.