About Us

In the 20 years since IMR’s establishment, it has earned an unmatched reputation for recruitments from India. This we credit to our firm resolve to understanding every industry and its sub-divisions in depth, to further understand the precise human resource requirements of the same. We’re renowned for our in-depth knowledge and expert assessment of every sector’s manpower requirements; and our proficiency in the process of identifying, locating, headhunting and recruiting the highest caliber of professionals, at the most competitive pay scales.

Always being a step ahead of every other recruitment agency, our panel of recruitment analysts and experts has already projected the major shortfall of professionals that the aviation industry will start to see in the near future. In fact, if the relatively less publicized reports are studied, the shortfall has already been recognized and efforts to deal with it have already begun through various measures.

IMR, however, having seen this talent shortage coming quite before others, is already prepared to fulfill manpower requirements for every segment under the aviation industry. We have already identified appropriate talents for the industry, and are constantly working toward expanding our aviation professionals’ database to instantly be able to fill your vacancies with exacting talents.

To know more about how IMR can service your aviation staff requirements, or what specific recruitment services IMR is prepared to provide, please look through our website.