Recruitment Procedure

IMR understands that the aviation industry is not just about huge investments;it is the lifeline of several other businesses and people, and a major safety concern worldwide. We realize that recruitment of aviation professionals has to be of the highest standards in qualification and experience and per several rules and regulations. We understand that the scope of compromise in aviation industry recruitments is not even a hundredth of an iota.

Our aviation staff recruitments, therefore, are done on a very stringent, inflexible basis, and in collaboration with the senior most experts or consultants of the aviation industry. You can be assured that your reputation, as well as your travelers’ life, is in the safest hands, with our personnel. Our recruitment procedure for aviation staff is outlined as under:

Assessment of the requirement: The first step is getting a thorough understanding of what our client particularly needs, and in this case, what qualification, experience or expertise is being looked for in the aviation professional. We do an in-depth analysis of the personnel being sought, and the duties or tasks he/she would be responsible to service. The country/airport that the personnel would serve at is also kept in mind, so that there is a hundred percent adherence to all applicable rules and regulations.

Candidate(s) search: Next, our database of potential candidates is scanned thoroughly to short-list the ones that appropriately fill the required skill-set. Simultaneously, we also probe other sources of talent identification and acquisition, and do not hesitate to headhunt if need be. This step is concluded with a short-listed candidates’ list.

Selection: It is at this step that the short-listed candidates are thoroughly examined by our guest aviation experts and consultants, and the candidates’ qualifications, past work experience and level of skill and competency is verified. Those that fit the employer’s specifications are thereafter presented to the employer for consideration.

Presentation to the employer: Our selected candidates are presented to the employer for their examination, whichever way they would like. Most of our clients trust our judgment beyond doubt, but we still highly encourage the employer to conduct a voice or video based interview of the candidate, for their satisfaction. Once the employer is sure of the candidate(s) to be recruited, our negotiators step in, so the recruitment is done at the most competitive pay scales.

Final Recruitment: This step, being the last in the entire recruitment process, involves completing the necessary documentation formalities, including the issuance of the conditional offer and the final agreement. Thereafter, the recruited candidates are assisted by our pre-departure specialists through the medical and visa/emigration clearances, and travel arrangements. They also stand by to ensure the candidates on-time departure from India, and their arrival and first-on site reporting overseas.