Recruitment services

According to GTMC’s (Guild of Travel Management Companies) 2010 survey, ‘the severe drought of skilled-staff is prompting major perks’ to recruit and retain the best manpower. PAMA (Professional Aviation Maintenance Association) has acknowledged that ‘there will be a shortage of qualified technicians in the industry, and the industry will need to recognize a cost increase to retain the existing technicians and entice new ones.’ (April 2011)

The UAE GCAA (UAE General Civil Aviation Authority) has come together with the GCAS (Abu Dhabi Airports Company’s Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies) for the purpose of ‘developing specialized civil aviation human resources’ declaring a ‘remarkable shortage of UAE nationals who are qualified to work in this sector’(2011). A Waterford based PTC (Pilot Training Company) is already providing multi-million dollar worth pilot training for several airlines, and has officially stated that ‘there is a potential shortage of pilots in the future, and a global demand for 448,000 pilots is expected over the next 20 years, while the pilot training college capacity is currently running at less than 60% of that figure.’ (March 2011)

At PATA’s (Pacific Asia Travel Association) April 2011 conference, Michael Maple, the executive director of The Boeing Company, remarked that ‘there will be a major shortage of skilled aviation workers globally and at least 126,000 pilots and a quarter million mechanics need to be recruited and trained, which will be a huge challenge.’

The IATA (International Air Transport Association) has recognized the ‘shortage of skilled personnel’ among the top 3 challenges the industry is facing currently, and ASA (Air Services Australia) has almost remarked this shortage of personnel as ‘frightening’. Nigeria’s Air Services Authority has declared severe insufficiency of manpower to effectively run their 27 airports. The European Union has banned certain countries/airlines from entering its airspace, describing their weaknesses and attributing those to the shortage of adequate and qualified manpower (2011).

There are several more instances and statements on record, that clearly imply that the global aviation industry, set to be of a $711 billion value in 2012, and expected to service over 3.5 billion passengers in 2014, is expected to face severe shortage of talent to service its several sub-divisions.

With so much in analysis and research on hand, IMR is more than adequately prepared to help you not be one in the list of entities that suffers this manpower inadequacy. IMR is pro-actively prepared to provide all aviation recruitment solutions to you, in the most competent, efficient, cost-effective and worry-free manner.

Here is a list of some of the aviation professionals we can recruit for you:

  • Airplane Engine Fitters
  • Air Flight Crew
  • Air Ground Staff
  • Air Terminal Operation staff
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Aircraft Finishers
  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • Airfield Billeting
  • Airfield Equipment & Vehicle Maintenance
  • Airfield Lighting Engineers
  • Airframe Fitters
  • Airport Operations Managers
  • Airport Staff
  • Cargo Specialist
  • Computer Software Defence Personnel
  • Dispatch
  • Electronics Personnel
  • Fire-fighter
  • Flight Operation Staff
  • Operation Staff
  • Pilots
  • Passenger Driver
  • Passenger Specialist
  • Radar Engineers
  • Ramp Specialist
  • Structural Crew
  • Ticketing Staff

For any other personnel that you may require, do not hesitate to advise us of the same. We’re confident of being able to service all your recruitment needs, and determined to help your business remain unaffected by the talent shortage.