The aviation industry globally is among the most major contributors to (the nation’s) revenues, and hence directly influential to the country’s economy. While there are several sub-aspects or sub-segments of the aviation industry, the most significant or actually indispensable component of the industry is its manpower.

Uniquely skilled airport or aviation professionals are a requisite to each of the industry’s functions. Besides for the military, the aviation industry also covers or functions for civil purposes and can be broadly divided into commercial aviation (scheduled air transport of passengers and cargo) or general aviation (other non-scheduled or private aviation).

Regardless of the category of aviation, all air transport facilities (airports) and equipment (aircrafts etc.) have significant specifically skilled manpower requirements. The workforce needed could be for ground services (at the airports) like security, ticketing, baggage, customs, immigration and general renovation, construction and maintenance of the airports and runways. The requirement of technical aviation staff (technicians, engineers) for the installation (of engines), inspections, repairs and maintenance of equipment (aircrafts etc.) is inevitable for the industry’s functioning.

The industry also requires manpower to service several other departments like administrative, accounts, operations and maintenance at the airports. And another significant area requiring perfectly skilled manpower is the aircraft crew (pilots/captains, flight attendants, flight engineers etc.).

In fact, per FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the aviation industry employed close to 11 million people in the USA alone (Dec 2009). So goes without saying, that the industry’s manpower requirement is massive, and given that its services cannot be compromised upon, the personnel employed must be perfect-fits to the job profiles.

There have been too many news reports and surveys lately, establishing the upcoming shortage of aviation professionals globally; and further confirmation from various airport authorities and airlines about the dearth of manpower they’re facing, and are struggling to fill.

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